Logbook for the use of all municipalities

Logbook is an easy-to-use electronic documentation tool that collects quantitative and qualitative data on youth work. Data can be utilised on a national or local level in situations where the importance and impact of the work must be justified to decision-makers, for example. Through Kanuuna, all youth services have a tool at their disposal, free of charge, as long as they accept the terms of use.

Kanuuna organises user training

Kanuuna trains municipal youth services in using Logbook. Needs-based, customised training sessions forming a full or half-day entity will be organised in August, September and October throughout Finland. After training, the participants will be familiar with the basics of Logbook and they will be equipped to start using the tool. The goal is to adopt Logbook in all large cities and in as many smaller municipalities as possible as early as by the end of 2018.

Mentors to support users

The youth services to adopt Logbook must choose a mentor among their personnel. The mentor’s task is to familiarise themselves with Logbook better than ordinary users. The person selected as mentor is their organisation’s primary Logbook user, whose tasks include creating a structure for their own organisation and user IDs for their co-workers in LogBook. The mentor is there to help other users get started with using the tool. The mentors, in turn, are supported by the Kanuuna IT specialist. The mentors also have their own network.


LogBook is based on Loggboken developed by the Swedish KEKS. Loggboken was further developed and tested in the Erasmus+ project in 2015–2016. Ireland, Romania and Estonia also participated in the project in addition to Sweden.  In Finland, Logbook has been tested in practice since the autumn of 2017. The test group consisted of youth workers from youth services in Oulu, Lappeenranta, Tampere, Helsinki and Taipalsaari. Kanuuna and KEKS have a strategic partnership agreement concerning their cooperation with LogBook.