Peer support, tips and national development work

Experts in various methods from all over Finland meet each other and share their experiences and good practices among peers in the national development networks coordinated by Kanuuna. The networks have a central role in developing youth work, based on both expertise stemming from experience and information collected through scientific methods.

More networks are established as the need arises and when prompted by feedback. The objective is to provide peer arenas to support people in their work and offer access to the development work.

Verkosto kuvaukset

Assessment and documentation network

The network is developing a new documentation system for youth work and planning the coordination of different assessment models with the information collected through an electronic system.


The network consists of youth workers whose job description includes a significant number of equality and human rights issues.


The Network focuses on cooperation between municipal youth work, NGOs and congregations. If we plan, act, develop and evaluate together activities for young people we have more resources to improve quality and versatility.

Leadership network

Leadership network meetings, the Kanuuna (cannon) and Teema (theme) seminars, are intended for leaders of youth services in Kanuuna cities and representatives from smaller municipalities.

Multi-purpose hall workers‘ network

The network intended for multi-purpose hall workers focuses on cooperation between various operators in multi-purpose buildings. Anyone working with young people in multi-purpose buildings is welcome to join.

Shopping centre youth work

The network of shopping centre youth work consists of youth workers operating in commercial premises such as shopping centres and service stations.

Smaller municipalities

Network is meant for Youth workers in smaller and/or sparsely populated municipalities offering peer forum to share challenges of spare resources.

The +16 network

The +16 network welcomes all youth workers interested in developing leisure time activities for people over the age of 16.

Youth work at school

The network is intended for anyone working with young people at school.

Youth work preparedness network

The youth work preparedness network develops operations focused on enhanced youth work and crisis plans. The network consists of youth workers from municipalities and congregations.