Centre of Expertise for Municipal Youth Work Kanuuna (Cannon)

Kanuuna is a municipal youth work developer and trustee serving the youth work services of all municipalities and cities. For youth work experts, Kanuuna offers opportunities to network and participate in the development of municipal youth work by organising events, seminars and training sessions throughout Finland.


Kanuuna is one of the Centres of Expertise for Municipal Youth Work selected by the Ministry of Education and Culture for 2018–2019. The objective of Kanuuna is to enhance the wider utilisation of good practices in municipal youth work, strengthen the know-how in the field in terms of youth policy issues and develop the documentation related to youth work and the demonstration of impact both on a municipal and a national scale.


The centre of expertise is backed by the Kanuuna network, which has been in operation since 2006. Up until the end of 2017, the target group of Kanuuna consisted of municipalities with more than 40,000 residents, and the network was made up of the youth services of 28 of the largest Finnish cities. The centre of expertise model adopted in 2018 expanded the target group of Kanuuna to welcome smaller municipalities.