Steering group

Kanuuna has a seven-member steering group whose task it is to plan and coordinate activities in line with the wishes and needs of municipalities together with the personnel at the centre of expertise.

The steering group has permanent representatives from Lahti (chair), Helsinki and Oulu and three fixed-term members. The term of a temporary member is two years, and one new member is selected every other year and two new members are selected every other year. The operating and financing plans are reviewed in the Kanuuna seminar. Seminar participants include the directors of youth services in the Kanuuna network cities and representatives from youth services in smaller municipalities.

Kanuuna steering group until the end of 2019

Jouni Kivilahti (pj.)
+358 50 518 4492

Annina Lehtiö-Vainio
+358 50 554 6127

Leena Ruotsalainen
+358 40 779 0162

Anne Kihlman
+358 40 314 5391

Marjut Nurmivuori
+358 44 703 9767

Katariina Soanjärvi
+358 50 350 7939

Mikko Vatka
+358 931 071 252 ja +358 40 679 1606